Competition for Athletes and Parents

So you want to compete? Does your child want to compete? That’s great and that is what all the training and drills have prepared you for.  Competitors and parents are responsible to be ready to compete.  Here is what you need to know.

You will need to join the national association, the United States Fencing Association.  Every competitor must be a member.  No exceptions.   Do it now on line at  Miami Fencing Club athletes are in the Gold Coast Florida Division.  You should choose the competitive level as this provides the maximum benefits.  Join on line to avoid the $10.00 paper fee.   Do not wait until you get to the competition venue to join as this will cause delays and any rating earned may not be valid.


You will need full electric gear, white knickers, knee socks, and an under arm protector in addition to your regular gear. All competitors must have two working weapons and two body cords.  Women must have an approved chest protector. The Miami Fencing Club carries a full line of excellent fencing equipment.


Athletes and parents should familiarize themselves with the Athletes Handbook available on line from We also strongly recommend becoming familiar with the latest USFA rules.  You can download these publications right now!


Athletes Handbook

USFA Rules

USFA Membership Application

Parent’s Guide to Fencing Competition


You can find most local tournaments on Browse the Gold Coast Florida Division for tournaments near you. You can also browse by weapon and club. Parents and athletes need to be familiar with  National level tournaments are listed on the USFA website,  When you sign up for askFRED, be sure to enter your USFA number to ensure smooth registration at the event.


Age specific events must meet USFA guidelines for rating awards.  Results on askFRED are not official and must be confirmed by USFA.




Do you want to really help fencing grow?   Become a referee.   You can download the USFA rules  and find the Referee Study Guide on the FOC Website.

Download the FOC Referee Study Guide.    After you study, you can take the referee test on line.  Then you can gain practical experience at tournaments and be observed by FOC examiners.  You will help the sport and help your own fencing by understanding the rules of the game!