David Berriman Memorial 2012 Results

David Berriman Memorial 2012 Results

Our third annual David Berriman Memorial tournament was  great success.   We shortened the format to a one-day event and everyone enjoyed some great fencing!  We have a beautiful new venue to use for future events also.


Congratulations to MFC top eight finishers.  Div.III Epee, Armando Alfano, Melissa Lee; Div. III Foil, Thomas Lopez, Emannel Vinas, Santiago Escalona; Div.III Sabre, Samuel Tate, PJ Aran;  Y10Y8Foil, Derec Pena, Luke Getchell, Solange Acosta, Jack Tweedie; Y10 Saber, Colin Drucker;  Y14Y12 Foil, Mateo Acosta, Joao Arthur Goncalves, Duncan Stoner;  Mixed Epee, Frank Rodriguez(UM), Matt Simmons;  Mixed Foil, Emmanuel Vinas, Kimberly Ann MacDonald (UM).


You can check out the high quality photos of the happy event winners on our Facebook page.








You can get the results now on askFRED.   Please remember that askFRED results are not official and must be confirmed by the USFA.











Come join us for our Autumn in Miami Tournament on September 29 & 30,  2012.  You can register now on askFRED.


You can watch some great World Class fencing here on the FIE Channel.


National Championships June 29, 2012 to July 08, 2012 – Anaheim, California, United States. Olympic Games 27 July – 12 August London, England.





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  1. What a great season finish. Everyone who participated and helped out had a great time. Our next event in October 2012. Have a great Summer!