Happy Memorial Day 2015!

May 25th is Memorial Day, the day when we honor the men and women who serve, and have served, in the US Armed Forces. Our founder, Mike Elder, is one of those men. Sadly, Mike passed away a year and a half ago but he is still in our hearts. In honor of Memorial Day and Mike we welcome everyone to leave pictures, stories and comments about him on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our Facebook page is The Miami Fencing Club, Inc. and our Twitter handle is @Miami_Fencing.


NO CLASS – May 23rd 2015

There’ll be no class on Saturday, May 23rd 2015. Have a great weekend and a happy Memorial Day!

Miami Fencing Club 2015 Summer Camp, June 8th – August 14th

The MFC Summer Camp is back and this time we’re in Doral. Everyone 8 years and older is welcome. No prior experience needed but all students must be able to do physical exercise. The camp is offered in two-week sessions, starting June 8th, for $125.00 per session (includes equipment use). Click HERE to register.

New Term at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Starts May 16th 2015

The next term at Miami Dade College Kendall campus starts on Saturday, May 16th 2015. Click here to register.